Standard Kitchen Layouts

Single Galley

The most basic of kitchen layouts, often found in smaller apartments, "Bed Sits" and "Student Accommodation".

Avoid having to many "tall" items as this will restrict your worktop area.

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Double Galley

This design is used where the back door splits the kitchen in half leaving no option but to split the kitchen into two halves.

Keeping the tall items to one side of the kitchen will increase the usable worktop area

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"L" Shaped

Probably the most popular standard kitchen layout ever designed.

Often used in a Kitchen/Diner situation as it allows for the positioning of a decent size dining table.

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"U" Shaped

Probably the ideal layout for most people.

Having the kitchen "wrap around" you makes for a very user friendly working space with a lot of worktop area.

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With Peninsular

A peninsular worktop is generally used to either form a division in the room, or to create an informal seating / eating area with Bar Stools.

Provides a lot of worktop space.

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With Island

Kitchen Islands are great at providing a large un-cluttered worktop for preparation.

Be careful with the island size - nothing looks worse than a island that swamps the room.

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