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General ...

  • All material contained within these pages is the copywrite of Earthy Design, and as such, the copying of any such material, by any means, for any reason, is forbidden without permission. You can request permission by using any of our contact details ... [ Here ]
  • However, permission is not required for the following three .pdf documents which you are free to republish, download, print, or share with anyone - providing the are kept in their entirety:
    1. Kitchen Wish List
    2. Kitchen Check List
    3. Kitchen Buying Guide
  • In order to provide you with further information this web site contains links both to and from other web sites - we are not responsible for the accuracy of any material contained within such web sites
  • My "Kitchen Cost Calculator" and "Fitting Cost Calculator" will produce a good guideline to your likely costs - they do not provide a fixed quotation for any products or services
  • My "Kitchen Check List" provides scenario's of potential problems but is not an exhaustive list
  • My Web Site and Blog may contain advertisements - Should you purchase any product from an advertisers web site your order will be placed with such advertiser directly, and not through ourselves. We recommend you view any such advertisers terms and conditions of sale prior to making any purchase
  • My "Kitchen Plan Check" service relies upon the accuracy of measurements supplied to me, and as such, I cannot be held responsible for any error contained within these measurements
  • All commissioned works (Kitchen Plans, Elevations, Perspectives, and any other service) will be completed by Earthy Design, and all images and designs produced remain the copyright of Earthy Design
  • Any image produced may be used on my Web Site, or Blog, as an example of kitchen design - however should any such image be used all client details will be removed to preserve your anonymity
  • Kitchen Designs produced are subjective, and can be "tweaked" upon request. My prices included for up to a maximum of three "tweaks" from the provisional design produced. Any further design "tweaks" will be chargeable at £27 per hour. Should you not want to continue with this service after your third "tweak" the service can be cancelled upon payment of half the total fee.

Payment Terms

All Invoices are due for payment within 7 days of receipt.

  • Kitchen Plan Checking Service ... No Deposit, Fee due upon completion of service
  • Remote Kitchen Design Service ... No Deposit, Fee due upon completion of service
  • Full Kitchen Design Service ... No Deposit, Fee due upon completion of service
  • Kitchen Project Management ... Three staged Payments as follows:
    1. £347.00 Upon receipt of your Kitchen Design Pack
    2. £1,600.00 Upon my delivery check of your kitchen
    3. £500.00 Upon completion of your installation

Any works undertaken that do not fall into one of these categories will be invoiced as per agreement at time of booking.