Full Independent Kitchen Design Service

Independent Kitchen Design

My full Independent Kitchen Design Service can be broken down into three parts:

  1. Home Visit
  2. Kitchen Design Works
  3. Kitchen Design Pack

Home Visit ... Please check my [ Working Area ]

My visit to your home allows me to take accurate measurements of your kitchen, and gives us chance to meet up and discuss things.
This becomes very much a "fact find" mission for me, as I need quite a bit of information to take away with me.
We can chat about ...

  • The style of Kitchen you prefer (Shaker, Flat Slab, Handle less, etc.)
  • The type of Worktop you are thinking of buying (Laminate, Wood, Quartz, Granite, Corian, etc.)
  • Whether you intend to use Upstands/Splashbacks on the wall, and type (Glass, Tiles, Quartz, Granite etc.)
  • The Kitchen Appliances you are keeping, and the types of new Kitchen Appliances you will be buying
  • Any requirement to have an eating area in the kitchen (Table, Breakfast Bar etc.)
  • The general colour scheme for the new kitchen (cabinet colour, worktops, walls, floor etc.)
  • An idea of potential layouts
All of these things can have an impact upon the new kitchen design, so it's worth spending some time talking these over before any design work commences.

This meeting will normally take about 90 mins, and I can be flexible about the time of calling - an early evening appointment, when you are home from work, is not a problem.

Kitchen Design Works...

All design works will be carried out away from your home and, depending upon current commitments, should be completed within 7 days.

I will design your kitchen utilising standard European Kitchen Cabinet sizes - this will allow you to forward your Kitchen Design Pack to any kitchen retailer in the UK or Europe to obtain quotations.

All measurements taken will be Metric - the days of Kitchen retailers working with old Imperial sizes are long gone.

In order to engage you in the design process I may contact you to obtain/clarify points during this time

When I have a "provisional" design prepared I will email copies of the plan and 3D colour perspective views - this will allow you to "tweak" anything you are not happy with prior to me completing your Kitchen Design Pack.

Please note! I do not create your Kitchen Design Pack until you have confirmed you are happy with all aspects of the design - As my invoice accompanies the Kitchen Design Pack I will not ask you for any payment until you are happy with the design.

Kitchen Design Pack...

When you have agreed the design I will produce a Kitchen Design Pack for you (in .pdf format)

This will include:

  • A Fully Dimensioned Kitchen Plan
  • A Fully Dimensioned Specialist Worktop Drawing / Specification
  • Flat Wall Elevation Drawings - showing cabinet heights
  • 3D Colour Perspective Images
  • A Full List of Cabinets, End Panels, Cornice, Light Pelmet, and Plinth,
  • An Appliance Schedule Summary

This Kitchen Design Pack can then be emailed to any Kitchen Retailer of your choice for quotation purposes.

Thus preventing the need for countless visit to various retailers to obtain quote comparisons.

Simply email Kitchen retailers with the pack, asking them for their best price, and await the results.

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