Kitchen Calculator

Kitchen Calculator

When setting out to buy a new Fitted Kitchen it can help to have an understanding about just how much a new Fitted Kitchen will cost.

This Kitchen Cost Calculator can help you with budgeting for your new Fitted Kitchen

Simply tick every box that applies to you - and it will work out a good idea of what your kitchen is likely to cost.

1. The Room Size ...

Enter a rough idea of the length of each wall the kitchen is going to be fitted against (round up to the nearest metre)

Wall 1. is roughly  metres

Wall 2. is roughly  metres

Wall 3. is roughly  metres

Wall 4. is roughly  meters

2. Kitchen Island ...

Are you planning an Island in your new kitchen?

3. Kitchen Appliances ( Built In ) ...

Select each of the new kitchen appliances you will be buying

2. Kitchen Worktop ...

Please select the type of kitchen worktop you are thinking of buying

2. Kitchen Cabinet Type ...

Which type of kitchen cabinet are you likely to buy?

3. Kitchen Fitting ...

Select each of the services you will require

If you are fitting the kitchen yourself - simply leave these boxes blank

All Done? ...   

Kitchen Cost Calculator

Based upon your choices this calculator will provide a pretty good idea of how much your new kitchen is likely to cost.

Please note however, this Kitchen Cost Calculator is NOT providing you with a quotation for any goods or services.

If you are interesting in finding out the likely cost of fitting your new kitchen only - try out my Kitchen Fitting Cost Calculator

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